The company’s founder, Mark Blumes, opened the first Work Wearhouse in Calgary in 1977 because there was a need in Canada to support hard working, blue collar Canadians with quality apparel and footwear. Launched at the height of Alberta’s oil boom, the new stop for rugged and quality work apparel was an instant hit with the working man and his family which still remains true today. Blumes grew the business to more than 40+ stores in the 80s and 90s, expanding the assortment into private label development of men’s and women’s casual apparel and footwear. Today, with over 380 stores, Mark’s is one of Canada’s largest mens and womens apparel and footwear stores and the clear cut number one choice for work apparel and footwear.

Durability of Product 

We’re proud to make clothes and footwear that are durable, versatile, dependable and reliable.  

Strength of Character

The people who shop at Mark’s are strong, reliable and authentic. They’ve never taken the easy way out, and it’s shaped them in a way that’s given them character. And through it all there’s one constant, our clothes on their back.

Wearing it Well

Nothing looks better on someone than confidence. Whether you’re at work or out on the town, we have the clothes that give you confidence in every situation.


Mark’s has always been there for those who strive for the right apparel for their job with safety and comfort in mind. The ones who know that after work is done, a second shift starts. That there are commitments to keep, dates to plan, and life to enjoy. And that our clothes from Mark’s will be with them through it all. It’s not about being a night owl, its about putting the same amount of pride and dedication in our downtime as we do in our work.